Welcome to MiniMart

Always open and open sourced.

What is MiniMart

MiniMart makes it easy to build a repository of Chef cookbooks using only static files. MiniMart allows you to create a Berkshelf compatible index of cookbooks from a variety of sources, and generate a simple front-end for browsing the available inventory. Since MiniMart uses only static files you need not worry about hosting yet another application, and keeping it (and all of it's dependencies) up to date.

How to use MiniMart

MiniMart allows you to specify a list of cookbooks to mirror in YAML. MiniMart will then download any of the listed cookbooks and their dependencies to your machine. Once you are satisfied with the mirrored cookbooks, MiniMart can generate a Berkshelf compatible index of the available inventory. MiniMart uses only uses static files, and makes no assumptions about how it should be hosted. Hosting should be as simple as copying the appropriate files to a server (S3, nginx, etc..). For more in-depth details about using MiniMart check out the README on our GitHub page.

How do I get it

MiniMart is a RubyGem, and can easily be installed using Bundler or gem install. MiniMart is, and always will be Open Source. Feel free to fork the repo, or submit any issues on our Github page.

Download on GitHub